Job Management System

“Improving the Bottom Line of PPM Companies.”¬† ~ By adopting Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and integrating them with a Job Management System (JMS), Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) businesses can significantly improve their outcomes. These methodologies concentrate on enhancing efficiency, reducing waste, and improving quality, which aligns well with the objectives of PPM businesses. Looking for, identifying and eliminating wasteful … Read More

Job Management Software FAQs

Job Management Software FAQs ~ Are you or your company looking to buy job management¬†software? It may be worth looking at the 10 most commonly asked questions from our experience. Business owners typically want to understand how it will benefit their operation, how it integrates with existing processes, the cost, the commercial advantages, plus how we support our systems. Here … Read More

Job Costing and Job Management Software

Did You Know Job Costing and Job Management Software Can Boost Profits? Job Costing – Not Guess Work! In today’s competitive business landscape, maximising profits while maintaining operational efficiency is the key to success. For small and medium-sized UK businesses managing Planned and Reactive Maintenance with mobile field teams, maintaining an excellent service in line with your quotes or pricing … Read More

Software for Small Businesses Explained

Software for Small Businesses: Navigating the Alphabet Soup: FSM, CAFM, CRM, JMS, COTS and WMS Unveiled   Working with many different types of businesses over the years, the two consistent questions of every conversation are “What is the best software for my business?” and of course, “How much does it cost?” So, with these questions in mind, we decided to … Read More

CAFM System Designed for Small Businesses

CAFM for Service Providers:   CAFM system; the acronym stands for “Computer-Aided Facility Management.” It’s a software system designed to help businesses manage their facilities, assets, and maintenance activities. Here’s a simple breakdown for business owners who might be considering a CAFM system to help manage their service delivery, and would like a non-techie overview: We start with – What … Read More

Job Sheet Software

Job Sheet Software Job Sheet Software could give you a massive advantage if you’re managing field service teams, in the field. You’re probably wondering whether to stick with traditional paper job sheets or make the leap to digital job sheets. Both methods have their merits, so the following breakdown of the pros and cons could help you make a more … Read More

How Much Does Job Management Software Cost?

How Much Does Job Management Software Cost?   How much does Job Management Software cost? When it comes to managing field service operations, many businesses still rely on traditional whiteboard and spreadsheet methods. As these methods of managing jobs have always been how the business has driven the workload, it might seem that these methods are free! However, the truth … Read More

Job Management Software for Tradesmen

Job Management Software for Tradesmen:   Tradespeople today are often faced with many tasks and paperwork, making it seem like keeping up with schedules is a never-ending job. However, utilising job management software can be a game changer for managing risk assessments, planned and reactive jobs, clients, and estimates. At New Targets, we specialise in creating job management software tailored … Read More

Workforce Management Software: The Pros & Cons

Workforce Management Software: The Pros & Cons   This article looks at some simple pros and cons if you are considering a move towards using Workforce Management Software. The primary function of workforce management software is to facilitate easy interaction and tracking of live and upcoming jobs between the Office and Field Engineers. In an ever-competitive business landscape, efficiency and … Read More

What is a CRM System

What is a CRM System and Why Use Them?   I’m sure you’ve probably come across the term CRM system before. Do you know what it actually stands for, and how businesses utilise it? Well, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s basically a technology-driven system or software that helps businesses effectively manage their interactions, with both existing customers and … Read More