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A new website design with great content optimised for mobile devices has never been more important!

Promoting and advertising your business to reach new customers, primarily online, is critical!

Free Website Offer

Limited Promotion: A Free WordPress Website for new customers of our Custom Design Job Management Systems, with options for future development.

Call – 0203 488 4863 for more details.

Keep your website updated

Website Updates

Search engines tend to favour websites that are frequently updated. Imagine your website to be like a shop window. If you hardly ever change what’s on display, your shop can become uninteresting and obscure.

The exact same thing can happen to websites if you fail to update your content regularly.

Post Blogs about News & Updates

Websites, New or Refresh  

Nowadays, having a responsive website design with excellent content is more crucial than ever before, especially for promoting your business online!

New or Refresh Your Website for 2024

Ensuring that your audience comprehends the products and services that you offer is crucial for both current and future sales. In this regard, having a modern and updated website design is imperative. Just like fashion, websites can quickly become outdated.

If you run a business, keeping your website design up-to-date is vital since perception is reality. Neglecting your website can give the impression that your business is either closed or going through financial struggles.

Martin Baxter – Client

New Targets created a corporate website and produced videos for a client in the property maintenance industry. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with, and my client and I were delighted with the results!

Design Your Website

Websites and Video Ads

We can provide you with a customised business development package that will help you enhance your online presence. Our website design approach centres on creating engaging visuals, retaining customers, and helping with online visibility. 

Over the years, we have worked with diverse clients across different markets, each with unique preferences. However, they all share a common vision of how they want their website to reflect their business and how it can help drive sales.

Web Design for Essex & Local Areas.

SEO Content

Website Design Southend and Essex

Website Features

Layout & Design

Website Design Key to Engagement

  • Great Informative Content
  • Showcase Special Offers
  • Excellent on-page SEO

Made for Mobiles 

Great on Phones, Tablets & PCs
  • Mobile Searches Increasing
  • Google Targets Mobiles
  • View on the Go!

Social Media

Important Part of Web Design

  • Communicate with Customers
  • Keep Consistent Branding
  • Impact on Multiple Platforms

Start-Up Businesses

Starting Great is Essential

  • A Route to Market
  • Clear Sales Proposition
  • Business Management Tools

Web Video Content

Video Ads Tell a Story

  • Easy to Share
  • Watched it on Mobile Devices
  • Higher Engagement on Websites

Email Accounts

Manage on all Devices

  • Structure Your Mail
  • Business Personnel Email
  • Business Department Email


How much does a website cost?

Our website design starts from £395 for a one-page promo (Hosting Inc. for the first year).

All businesses are unique, so content, images, and structure will vary. We offer a free review and quote to understand your needs. 

Can you help with my social media marketing?

We can create ads and video content for posting, as well as design headers for your social media accounts such as Facebook, YouTube, and more to ensure consistent branding.