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Business Systems for SMEs

Our service is focused on creating and maintaining software for small to medium-size businesses. We help streamline, business processes and work activities.

New Targets’ service is different from the usual Commercial-off-the-shelf software products provided by others. Spreadsheets & random software can be integrated into one business system.

Custom Software Product & Services

Product & Services Plans
A Great Range of Services
System Design Options Available!

Job management digital worksheets

Job Sheet Software
Job Sheets on your Mobile Devices
Instructions Online for the Field Teams

Business Development

Business Development  
A Key part of Business Development
is have the right Software to Grow

Custom Software

Custom Software Design

Job Management
Your Own Bespoke Software
Manage Jobs Your Way!

Office Workflows

Office Software Design

Office Systems Software
Automate Spreadsheets Management
Automate your Paper Processes

Field or Office

Job Management Prices

Use on All Devices
Design for Growth & Change
Job & Office Management Software

Custom Software E.L.I.P.S.

Our custom software service is all about designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for small to medium-size businesses.

New Targets’ service is different from the “Commercial-off-the-shelf” software products provided by others. Our custom software service focuses directly on the business needs, working with the client to identify how the software can have the greatest impact on the company’s key metrics.

EEfficiency: Built For Your Business!
LLow-Cost Integration: Staff Learn Faster
IIndependence: Not a Software Hostage
PProfitability: Reduce Overhead Cost
SScalability: Invest as your Business Grows

Commercial-off-the-shelf Software (COTS) offers a broader set of tools to aid processes and can deliver good value to some businesses.

However, they are designed to make it easier to commercially market as a light touch one-size-fits-all solution.

Commercial-off-the-Shelf Software (COTS) can lack the Flexibility as well as Scalability needed as a business develops.

Job Planner Status

Job Planner
Supports a Service Business with Scheduling,
Planning Jobs, Staff, Assets, Inventory & More!

PPM Job Management

View Live Jobs
Today’s & Tomorrow’s
Jobs on the Dashboard

Quote Management systems for PPM Maintenance

FM Quote Manager
See Top 5 Quotes, This Month
& Last Month on the Dashboard

Job management digital worksheets

Job Planning
Create work schedules for the Field Teams
Managed Service Delivery for Increased Margins

Job management systems for HVAC companies

Office Team Job Management
The Office can Send Jobs to the Field
The Field can Upload Completions!

Job management systems for job tracking

Job Management System
We can Design a System just for You!
Have a Job System That’s Ready to Go!

Office Management Software…

Software for Businesses.

We design software for growth and evolution. This means as the business develops, adds new services, manages new clients and employs more people, the system flexes to meet the business needs.

We look to create solutions to business challenges! Whether you use FM Planner a ready-to-go system or we create a unique design & build option, made in conjunction with your company’s requirements.

  1. Custom SoftwareMade to Measure Software – Designed for your business requirements
  2. Commercial-off-the-shelf SoftwareFor immediate use. This system offers a wide range of great tools, suitable for most businesses  

Job Management FAQs

Can I see a Job Management System?

We provide two options for seeing a Job System.
  1. An Online Demo with You and Your Team
  2. FM Planner – Free 10 Days Trial – (Review at your own pace)

FM Planner is a pre-built system. The system comes with a Free Trial (no payment details required). It contains TEST data, this offers a really good look and feel.

The real benefit of trialing a pre-built system with test data is that you can get a good idea of how that might work in your business. Plus, if you want you can “try before you buy!”

Should you decide to go down the route of a design and build system, FM Planner will help you understand the elements that work best for your business, what to keep, and what to add to make it work harder for the company.

If you would like to discuss any of the options please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by Booking a Zoom meeting to discuss.

What are the benefits of using Job Management Software?

Cost Savings & Improved Customer Service.

Headline Examples…

  1. Managing your own people (more jobs with no overhead increase)
  2. Automating Daily Routine Tasks
  3. Issuing Job Instructions to Mobile Devices (job sheet software)
  4. Automatic Job Completions to System
  5. Quote Management

In the beginning, streamlining your company requires a small investment of time. However, the long-term benefits are huge! Business activity such as managing jobs, clients, deployment, and completions in a more efficient way, creates financial value to any company.

Growth is made easy with a system that works for the business, and not the other way round! Plus, it often means that you don’t need to increase your admin overhead to do more jobs!

The hardest part of any pitch is demonstrating true financial value. However, what we do know having managed the implementation of a number of our job management systems, once it’s up and running, nobody wants to go back to the old ways of coping!

Does the system have job sheet software?

Yes. Job sheets can work on iOS & Android Devices.

All manor of Job Sheets & Reports can be captured online in one easy-to-access system. Great support for field workers as well as instant updates to the office team. All you need is an internet-enabled device, Laptop, Tablet, PC, or Mobile Phone!

We offer two solutions…

  1. We can design & build a complete job management system to replace multiple spreadsheets, whiteboard displays, and illegible paper Job Sheets.
  2. FM Planner a ready-to-go Job Management System – With a Free Trial

Can I use a Job Management System for a Small Business?

Our Job Management Systems can be used for all types of companies.

The job systems are designed to be an all-in-one streamlined solution, no matter the size of your business. Whether you use FM Planner a ready-to-go system or a unique build design & build option, that can be created to each company’s requirements.

We design for growth and adaptation, so as the business develops, adds new services, manages new clients, employs more operatives, the system flexes to meet the needs.

How can I import my clients into the FM Planner system?

  • Uploading clients to our system is something we can help with…
  • Ultimately, for the best result having a CSV spreadsheet file with your client’s basic details (name, address, contact, phone numbers,) is the best option.
  • If you would like to contact us to help with this process, please feel free… Often this service is FOC