Job Management Software for Small Businesses

Job Management Systems are available for all businesses. Company types include HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical, FM Services Companies, and the Automotive Industry.

Typical features include RAMS Builder, Digital Work Planners, Digital Job Sheets, HR, H&S, and more.

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Can Software Improve my Business?

5 Reasons to Consider…

Reduce Office Hours Managing Field Teams

✅ Automate Workflow and Reduce Paperwork.

✅ Real-time Updates from Field Teams.

✅ Increase Cashflow = Faster Invoicing

✅ Streamline Job Scheduling and Deployment.

Why Use Job Management Software?

Improved Service.
    1. The software helps you schedule, dispatch, and manage work orders effectively.

It also helps with preventive maintenance planning and tracking. Features that allow you to set up regular inspections manage parts inventory and log equipment issues.

Effective communication is key to your team’s success. Utilise the software to facilitate team communication.

Manage Field Teams 

  1. Automate Planned Services
  2. Jobs to Mobile Devices
  3. Auto Job Completions
  4. Manage Quotes

10 Job Management Software FAQs

Investing in streamlining processes yields significant long-term benefits for businesses, including more efficient job, client, deployment, and completion management.

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Choosing the Right System 

A Guide to Help! 

Does the system have job sheet software?

Yes. Job sheets can work on iOS & Android Devices.

All Job Sheets and reports can be captured online in one easy-to-access system. This provides great support for field workers and instant updates to the office team. All you need is an internet-enabled device, Laptop, Tablet, PC, or Mobile Phone!

We offer two solutions…

  1. We can design & build a complete job management system to replace multiple spreadsheets, whiteboard displays, and illegible paper Job Sheets.
  2. FM Planner is a ready-to-go Job Management System – With a Free Trial.

Developing a System

We design and develop job management software that helps companies grow and scale.

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools, including a RAMS Builder, Quote System, Digital Worksheets for Mobile Devices, and Digital Work Planners, for a complete activity overview.

Custom Software Product & Services
Field Service Management Software

Cyber Security Guide

Our Service & Free Trial 

We offer field service management software that is flexible enough to adapt to businesses’ changing needs, including new services, clients, and employees.

Our system has a Free Trial option. > Check Out the Details…

  1. Custom SoftwareMade to Measure Software – Designed for your business requirements
  2. Commercial-off-the-shelf SoftwareFor immediate use. This system offers a wide range of great tools, suitable for most businesses  

Can I use a Job Management System for a Small Business?

Our Job Management Systems can be used for all types of companies.

“The job systems we design can be useful for businesses of all sizes. Whether you choose FM Planner, a ready-to-go system, or opt for a unique custom design, we can create a solution tailored to your company’s specific requirements.”

Our blog post provides valuable insights and tips on how a Field Service CRM can help small businesses.

We design our system to adapt and grow as the business expands by adding new services, managing new clients, and employing more operatives.

Can I Import my Clients into a system?

  • Uploading clients to one of our systems is something we can help with…
  • Ultimately, the best option is to have a CSV spreadsheet file with your client’s basic details (name, address, contact, phone numbers).
  • If you would like to contact us to help with this process, please feel free… Often, this service is FOC

Tower BM – Case Study

“As a business owner, I always look for innovative ways to streamline operations and reduce unnecessary expenses. Incorporating the New Targets Workforce Management Software has been a game-changer for me. In this review, I will share my experience and explain how this software has optimised my business processes and resulted in significant cost savings that I never thought were possible.”



Our company’s job scheduling was problematic before New Targets designed the Job Management Software. Our field service management was a tedious puzzle, constantly changing as new jobs appeared in the business. It’s a complete office admin nightmare every day how things have changed! We can now organise our scheduling with less admin input and do more daily jobs with the same people. It’s much easier to meet the demand placed on our teams, and the results are fantastic. It has saved me countless hours and improved resource management, ultimately creating more cash in the business. It ensures I have the correct number of employees scheduled during peak times, avoiding costly overtime or being understaffed.

2. Efficient Time Tracking and Labour Cost Control:

One of my business’s most significant hidden costs was inaccurate time reporting and labour deployment inefficiencies. For example, we returned to the same job unnecessarily because we passed information poorly, so instructions to fix were too vague and did not identify the materials needed for a “first-time fix”.

With New Targets’ workforce management software transforming our time tracking capabilities, I can monitor employee hours accurately, eliminating any time theft and asking questions regarding unrecorded breaks. This level of precision translates into substantial payroll savings, ensuring every penny is accounted for.

3. Streamlined Field Service Teams Communication and Collaboration:

Goodbye to communication gaps and misunderstandings! Using the New Targets’ field service management software has streamlined communications within my company and has reduced the risk of costly errors. Updates and notifications ensure everyone is on the same page, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

4. Minimising Overtime Expenses:

Regarding overtime claims, we found that costs can quickly spiral out of control if not managed effectively. Having New Targets build us the right job tracking tools for our business, we can confidently predict peak demand periods and staff accordingly. By avoiding excessive overtime, we’ve achieved considerable savings not only in the field but also in the office.

5. Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making:

Workforce Management Software provides invaluable insights into our workforce and business performance. With data-driven analytics at our fingertips, we can identify areas for improvement, optimise workflows, and make informed decisions that directly impact our bottom line.

The New Targets Workforce Management Software has become our secret weapon for maximising efficiency and savings. The benefits have been undeniable, with streamlined scheduling, accurate time tracking, reduced labour costs, and enhanced communication.

Suppose you want to streamline your business processes and achieve significant cost savings. In that case, I wholeheartedly recommend investing in the New Targets Workforce Management solution for your office management and field operations.

Prepare to witness your business thrive like never before, all while keeping your costs in check and maximising your profits. It’s the ultimate solution for success!

Aaron – Tower BM

Would You Like to See a System?

We provide two options for seeing a Job System.
  1. An Online Demo with You and Your Team
  2. FM Planner – Free 10 Days Trial – (Review at your own pace)

FM Planner is a pre-built system. The system comes with a Free Trial (no payment details required). It contains TEST data, which offers a perfect look and feel.

The real benefit of trialling a pre-built system with test data is getting a good idea of how it might work in your business. Plus, you can “try before you buy!”

Should you decide to go down the route of a design and build system, FM Planner will help you understand the elements that work best for your business, what to keep, and what to add to make it work harder for the company.

If you would like to discuss any of the options, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or book a Zoom meeting.