Job Management Systems

Field Service Management

Job Management Systems for PPM Service Companies

New Targets design & build job management systems for PPM service companies and contractors. We build many types of operational systems, for all different trades.

We started designing our systems a number of years ago. Our key focus is Operational Management, in the Field as well as the Office. Our approach is very straightforward, we work with our clients to look at how to streamline everything they do into one management system

Job Management Systems for PPM

Do More Jobs!
More Jobs Completed a Month…
Job Instructions on Handheld

Job Management Systems for business management

Fuel Savings!
Cost per Job Reduces…
Limits Repeat Visits

Job management systems for roller shutter companies

Office & Field Streamlined
Office – More Time with Customers…
Office Automation

Website Business Services

Refresh or New!
Designed to promote your Business
Look Professional Online

Job Management systems and Business Advertising

Business Advertising
Great Social Media Adverts
Web Video for your Business

Job Management systems for PPM Maintenance

PPM Maintenance Software
Manage your Field Workers
Automate your Planned Work

Job management systems for security companies

Made for You!
Designed for your Business Needs…
Job Instructions to Handheld

Job management systems for HVAC companies

Electronic Whiteboard
Upcoming Jobs Displayed Onscreen…
View Designed for You!

Job management systems for job tracking

Working Remotely
Key Part of Business Continuity…
Office, Full Access Remotely

Job Management System | Case Study

Why Use Job Management Software?

No More Whiteboards & Spreadsheets

If you’re not using a job management system, then it’s probably people managing the daily tasks, issuing jobs and taking completions. It can be a hard and costly way to live!

Streamlining your business requires an investment in time and money in the beginning. However, the long-term benefits are huge! without a doubt, business activity, managing jobs, clients, deployment, and completions in the most efficient way, creates financial value to any company.

Growth is made easy with a system that works for the business, not the other way round! And it could mean that you don’t need to increase admin overhead to do more business!

In my mind, the hardest part of any pitch is demonstrating true value to a new business. What we do know having managed the implementation of a number of our systems, once it’s up and running, nobody wants to go back to the old ways of coping!

Job Management Systems for Contractors

Our Job Management Systems are designed to manage your PPM and Reactive maintenance requirements. The systems work on desktops and mobile devices, they help businesses manage staff, job scheduling, cash flow, job sheets, SLA’s, and much more…

Job Management Software for Businesses

We design job management software for businesses. All businesses are different and work in different ways. We build for you and how you wish to work, how you manage your Clients, your Office, and the Field Service Teams.

Key Benefits 

More Jobs!

  • Worksheets Instantly to Office
  • Faster Client Updates
  • Faster Invoicing – Cashflow!

Less Fuel!

Job Cost Reduces…
  • Job Walking Order Improves
  • Job Costing Becomes Sharper
  • “Right First Time” Attitude!

Streamline Workflow

Faster Customers Reporting… 
  • Hours Saved in Admin
  • Less Time Talking to the Field
  • Faster Information Flow!

Designed for You!

How you Like to Work…
  • Your Worksheet Design
  • Company Branding
  • Images added to Job Sheets

Office Display Monitors

Work Displayed Onscreen…
  • Show Active & Unavailable Teams
  • Updated in Realtime
  • Track your Work!

Working From Home

Access when out of the office… 

Job Management Systems for Small Businesses 

New Targets’ job management systems are designed to be an all-in-one streamline solution. The unique build is designed and created to each company’s requirements.

We design for growth and adaptation, so as the business develops, adds new services, manages new clients, employs more operatives, the system flexes to meet the needs.

Management System for Job Sheets

Job Sheets & Condition Reports captured in one easy-to-access system. It’s an excellent management support for field workers. All you need is an internet-enabled device, Laptop, Tablet, PC, or Mobile Phone!

We build the complete job management system to replace multiple spreadsheets, whiteboard displays, and illegible paper Job Sheets.

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