No More Spreadsheet Management!

Replace Spreadsheet Management!

Custom Business Software. Our business software is designed to support Sales, Operations & Office functions.

Our Aim is to change out spreadsheet management to a system that is simple & user friendly for all abilities. Check Out Our Reflexology Software!

Business Software

Manage valuable Content…
  • Client Data Management
  • Customer Orders & Sales
  • Estimate & Quote Manager
  • Email Confirmation Tool

Management System

Management Software to…
  • Increase Client Contact
  • Improve Business Control
  • Replace Spreadsheet Management!
  • Store Clients & Suppliers Infomation

Text Communication

Text Messaging… 
  • Add to a Business System
  • Text Appointment Confirmation
  • Auto Text Messaging
  • Over 98% of Business SMS is Read!

Check-In & Out

Field Workers can verify Location…
  • Track Completed Jobs
  • Manage Additional Work
  • Reduce Cost to Serve
  • Client Feedback & Updates

Client Portal

Client Collaboration…
  • Client Managed Access
  • Access Via Internet Devices
  • Simple Data Management
  • No More Emails & Phone Updates!

Design & Reporting

Allows you to…
  • Design Reports
  • Build for Your Business
  • Training Videos for Development
  • Gain a Commercial Advantage