A Website Company for all Businesses

  • A Database is core to managing customers
  • A New Website, vital in becoming seen & successful
  • Video for Communicating with your clients!

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“New Targets redesigned and built me a new website as my old one was dated. I’m very pleased with my new website which is SEO optimised so it brings me in targeted local work. James and Tom at New Targets are experts in their field and I highly recommend their service”.
Response from New Targets

“Thanks Michael, we appreciate your review”.

Website Company

Showcase Your Business…
  • Websites to Impress Clients
  • Increase Orders & Sales
  • Host Video Content
  • Connect to your Customers

Management Software

Business Software to…
  • Increase Client Contact
  • Create Business Control
  • No More Spreadsheet Management!
  • Store Clients & Suppliers Information

Web Video

Film Great Messages… 
  • WOW! Addition to all Websites
  • Create Your Business Advert
  • Video Can Go Viral!
  • People Stay on Site Longer

Check-In & Out

Field Workers can verify Location…
  • Track Completed Jobs
  • Manage Additional Work
  • Reduce Cost to Serve
  • Client Feedback & Updates

Video Examples

Client Love Them…
  • Showcase Service & Products
  • Educate Your Audience
  • New Website Look & Feel
  • Fantastic Training Aid!

Design & Reporting

Allows you to…
  • Design Reports
  • Build for Your Business
  • Training Videos for Development
  • Gain a Commercial Advantage
A Website Company & Video Content Designers

Studies have shown that using traditional text and pictures on websites means that just 8 out of 10 visitors will only read the headline text of your article, with only 2 will going on to read the rest of the information!

However, there is some good news…

When you use video content on websites the statistic can be reversed! 80% of website visitors will watch video content on a website and as a result will stay on the page 2 minutes longer.

With most visitors leaving a text and picture webpage before 10 seconds, the use of well made video content provides you with 10 times more audience interaction. With a much greater possibility that they will buy from you, save you to favourites or even share you.

An additional bonus in having video on a websites is that…

…Whilst you have them on your website watching your video content, they’re not looking or buying with your competitors!

Online Database for your business

The basic system is designed so that you can manage all of your clients in one easy to use location. Each client has an admin page; with key “at a glance” information located for immediate access.

  • Plus…
    Manage Clients from a Dashboard
    Calendar Feature
    Multiple users
    Name and create folders for storage.
    Set Key Dates for Customers
    Create Tasks for Customers
    Upload Function
    Customer Notes
    Section Clients – Live | Prospects | House Accounts