Gate Maintenance Software

We’ve designed several Mobile Workforce Management systems to make it easy for the Office to track live and upcoming jobs with the Field Engineers. We also understand that not all gate maintenance companies are the same.

Our service helps you create your own job management system for managing the Mobile Teams, Clients and Back-Office support.

Job Sheet Software

 Job Sheets on Mobile Devices.

Custom Software on multiple devices

Android & iOS

Available on Both Android & iOS Devices.

Engineers on Mobiles

Send Job Instructions to Engineers on Mobile Devices

Workman using custom software on a tablet

Active Planner

Job Planners with Engineers Workload!

Client Directory

Client Details, Documents Uploads, Contact Details

information enables good decisions in managing costs cuts


Design a Dashboard – View of Key Data

Gate Maintenance Software

Roller Shutter Software – Field Management System

Electric Gates and Roller Shutter Software provides the user with the ability to track and manage customers’ requirements.  We have developed with gate companies an excellent system to completely manage field workload, to be controlled by the office team.

As with most of our systems, you can store instruction details against any job for easy access by the field. Also, we have developed a Lone Worker feature in the design.

Document Storage

Store all Types of Documents – Access Anytime! 

Job Sheets

Electronic Job Sheets – Storage & Audit Trail! 

Planned Maintenance

Client Contracts – Workload Management!

Customer Feedback

Working with the automated gate maintenance software designed and built by New Targets has been instrumental in the effectiveness of Pearly Gate Maintenance. We recognised in 2016 that we needed to move away from a paper based service system to a real-time cloud based solution.

New Targets were able to offer a bespoke system, tailored to our needs, at a cost effective price. Since then, working together, we have continued to hone the system as our needs have evolved, all without the prohibitive expense and completed extremely quickly.

When we started Save Our Shutter in 2019, we were able to use the same system from day one, giving our valued customers a seamless service. I would be very happy to speak to anyone who is considering working with New Targets and James, as we have benefited from a strong open working partnership.

Automated Gate Maintenance Software Features

Electric Gate Maintenance Software | Delivering the Best Service to your Clients.

  • Assign jobs to Engineers via internet enabled devices (mobile phones, tablets etc…) including your own job sheets design, with all appropriate details.
  • Upload pictures, PDFs, and numerous attachments to the job records.
  • Advice for customers of upcoming or immediate action required – Health & Safety
  • Create Reactive and Planned jobs linked to specific items and a maintenance contract to support.
  • Build a job sheet for multiple actions on a single site or building.
  • Create a planned maintenance protocol for jobs, mapped on a master calendar, access as required for team members.
  • Text and email reminders can be included in the system design, ensuring you never miss a job!
  • The client portal can be incorporated in the design.
  • Design a standard Risk Assessment Form to identify the level of compliance following the latest HSE regulations.
  • Automated Gate Maintenance Software
  • Gates & Roller Shutter Software
  • Barrier & Roller Shutter Software
  • Support real Growth 
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