Custom Software

For Small Businesses 
Software “Made to Measure”

UK Private Sector Business at the Beginning of 2021 = 5.6m

~ 5.5m Businesses were Small
(0 to 49 employees)

Software for Small Businesses

Custom Software for Small Businesses is designed to meet the unique requirements of the company.

Our service covers all types of software applications, from creating Digital Risk Assessment Forms for Phones & Tablets to an entire Client & Job Management System for the Office & Field teams.

Job Management from the office to the field teams

Software Examples...

Complete Business systems or just the software needed to support a process!

  • Digital Risk Assessments (many variations)
  • Job or Worksheets Digitised
  • Survey Forms & Documents (also with image attachment)
  • Work & Schedule Planners
  • Active Calendars Displayed on Electronic Whiteboards
  • Client & Contractor Directories
  • Electronic Vehicle, HR & Quote Management

Numerous Inhouse Spreadsheets Integrated into a Business System  

Software “Made to Measure”

We’ve designed custom software for small businesses, particularly in the Planned & Reactive Maintenance Sector.

Streamlining has led to improved service levels. Namely, lower staffing overhead costs, with higher completed job numbers each day, at a lower cost to serve!

SME Stats 2021

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) make up 99.9% of the 5.6m businesses, at the start of 2021

  • Only 1.4m of these had employees – with 4.2m (75%) having no employees
  • Circa 5.5m (99.2%) represented small businesses with 0 to 49 employees.
  • 35,600 medium-sized businesses had 50 to 249 employees, equal to 0.6% of the total business population
  • 7,700 businesses were large businesses with 250 or more employees, which equates to 0.1% of the total business population

Our Custom Software aims to support business development, growth and new services
as companies progress and react to clients’ ever-changing needs

*Information Source

Mobile Workforce

Using custom-designed software allows your mobile workforce to update and sign off job sheets whilst at the job.

10 Reasons to use Service Software 

Being able to instantly update the office of a completed job, means no more waiting for paper job sheets to arrive the next time an operative comes to the office.

A key advantage means you can check the data and get those all-important invoices out faster!

Develop as you Grow

Mostly, job software is designed to work for everyone, not just you! which is fine, we make our own ready-made system so we understand the potential limitations on how you want to work.

So, as an alternative to an off-the-shelf solution that requires you to work differently, why don’t you have a system designed just how you want it, to meet your needs?

Service Software Features

You can start small and add as you go. All the functionality you need can be made around your business, you really have control of the system and dictate the requirements to make it as unique and beneficial to the business as it can be.

Accounting Software

Linking your accounting software, for example, Quickbooks can add real value in saving time and reducing duplicated activity. It’s not always easy to see if you’re charging the right amount for work you’re undertaking! Linking your operational and accounting software could really help.

With our job management systems, you can if you wish allocate job costs to each quote. You can add basic labour and material costs, or we can design a more granular approach, the choice is yours.

Job Management Systems

This function is designed to help you track easily if you’re making the right amount of profit for your time and expertise.

Bespoke Software

Why Invest in Custom Software?

Custom Job Software can have a huge impact on your business functions.

If you would like to know more about having your own job management system built to your requirements, please feel free to contact us, we can help!