Custom Software

Made to Measure Custom Software

Custom software is tailored to fit your business needs, ensuring a perfect solution that can adapt and scale as your business grows.

Job Costing impacts key metrics

Automating Tasks

By automating routine tasks, custom software reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur with manual processes, thereby increasing efficiency and enhancing the accuracy of your operations.

Custom Software for Businesses

Custom Software is Ideal for Small Businesses. 

Custom software solutions, especially for managing planned and reactive maintenance, can be game changing!

Small UK businesses face unique challenges and opportunities in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment.

Our service covers all software applications, from creating Digital Risk Assessment Forms for Phones and tablets to an entire Client and job Management System for the Office and Field teams.

Can Custom Software Increase the Value of Your Business?

A Job Management System

Small Business Software

We have developed custom software that caters to small businesses operating in the planned and reactive maintenance sector. This software streamlines operations, leading to better service levels. As a result, companies can enjoy lower staffing overhead costs while completing more jobs each day at a reduced “cost to serve”.

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Job Management Software FAQs

Software Examples...

Complete Business systems or just the software needed to support a process!

  • Digital Risk Assessments (many variations)
  • Job or Worksheets Digitised
  • Survey Forms & Documents (also with image attachment)
  • Work & Schedule Planners
  • Active Calendars Displayed on Electronic Whiteboards
  • Client & Contractor Directories
  • Electronic Vehicle, HR & Quote Management

Numerous Inhouse Spreadsheets Integrated into a Business System  

Business using a Job Management system

Streamline Your Business

By implementing streamlined processes, your business can quickly and effectively respond to customer needs while providing personalized customer service.

Competitive Advantage

Generic software solutions lack uniqueness. Custom software can give you a competitive edge and promote innovation by providing exclusive features and tools.

Job Costing impacts key metrics

Longterm Investment

“Custom software solutions offer reduced long-term costs compared to off-the-shelf software. Although the initial investment may be higher, it eliminates the need for multiple off-the-shelf software and ongoing licensing fees, making it more cost-effective over time. Additionally, custom software often comes with dedicated support, ensuring that any issues are quickly resolved.”

Make Your Business Agile

Improved Data Security and Compliance
  • Enhanced Security: Custom software can be designed with advanced security features to safeguard your business data.
  • Regulatory Compliance: It can be tailored to ensure industry-specific regulations and standards compliance.
Better Integration with Existing Systems
  • Seamless Integration: Custom software can be designed to integrate smoothly with your existing hardware and software, ensuring no disruptions to current operations.
  • For small UK businesses, the move towards custom software solutions is not just about keeping up with technology; it’s about staying ahead in a competitive market. By investing in software specifically tailored to your needs, you gain efficiency, flexibility, and a significant edge over competitors still relying on one-size-fits-all solutions.