About Us

What Do We Do?

We build Bespoke software for companies that manage a wide range of property assets on behalf of their clients.

Here at New Targets, we are experts in designing with our customers, software systems that are very specific to the needs of the business.

Service Maintenance Systems

Lightening The Load

Every property in a portfolio may have a large number of assets that require maintenance elements to ensure they run correctly, and cost-effectively and maintain statutory compliance.

Often businesses become very busy receiving countless phone calls emails and notifications. Plus, they may need to manage a variety of trades and contractors as well as Self-delivery over a range of locations.

This type of activity can become very top-heavy in resourcing within a business, creating a huge amount of administration, and ultimately increasing costs.

Critical Path

Our Build Objectives

Regardless of the type of system design, all of our custom builds are especially effective for creating access to information in as few clicks as possible, are easy to use for all abilities, are adaptable to meet change (future proofing), plus scalable to serve the growing needs of a business.

Updating Traditional Methods

Client Reminders

Creating reminders when certain assets in various buildings need to be maintained helps to prolong the life cycle.

Plus, reminders for Inspections to ensure compliance, as well as managing emergencies within the portfolio properties. All of which can be time-consuming as well as difficult to manage to maximum effect. Especially if you have traditional management methods or the current CAFM system isn’t intuitive enough for your business.

Adding Real Value

Understanding Our Role

Whilst we understand that Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems can play a role in managing your PPM needs, having your own proprietary system that adapts to your objectives, over time, customer requirements, and service delivery, can add huge value both in respect of streamlining as well as adding commercial value to the company.

We are happy to provide a Demonstration and References upon request to aid in your understanding of our service.

Investing in Field Service Management Software (FSMS) for your business. Understanding the choices.  

Investing in Bespoke Software Can Increase Your Businesses Commercial Value