Job Planner for a Mobile Workforce 

This job planner lets you track work progress, schedule upcoming work, and perform other critical tasks.

Mobile workforce management optimises business processes by assigning jobs to mobile devices. This reduces time spent obtaining job information and increases time spent on actual work, resulting in improved performance.

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Job Planner offers a range of options, from a single user to a customised system.

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Work Scheduler

Work Planner offers job management software that is suitable for a vast range of businesses employing field workers.

This planner allows you to keep track of work in progress, use the work scheduler to plan upcoming jobs and perform other critical tasks.

Planning Jobs

The Job Planner is a tool that can be made available to employees. Depending on their level of access, users can view different information.

When managing jobs that involve sub-contractors, keeping track of their work can be complex. That’s why it’s essential to have a system to monitor their progress.

Job Planner Filters

Filters can help you pinpoint a specific job by allowing you to search for it using a keyword or phrase. You can also filter the search results by the current status of the job. Once you find the job you’re looking for, you can drill down into its details and make any necessary modifications.

This provides an efficient way to manage and update job-related information.

Quotes in Planner

The Planner’s quote section is where all the quotes are stored. There is a search filter that helps find specific quotes by using particular terms. Additionally, a date filter displays a range of quotes based on the requested filter.

Each quote has a button that is colour-coded to show its status. You can click on any quote to access its details. Changing the status of a quote dynamically reflects in the quote’s progress.

Clients in the Planner

The Planner’s Client Manager section provides a quick and easy way to access clients alphabetically. To access a client, press the first letter of their name.

Users can drill down for more details by pressing on each client’s line. If a customer’s location is stored, their entry will appear green. To add new clients, click on the top display button.

All-in-One Work Planner

Job Planner is a crucial tool for efficient management in modern businesses, especially for small companies with field service teams.

Businesses can significantly improve operations by transitioning from conventional spreadsheets and paper job sheets to all-in-one job planner software.