RAMS Builder on Mobile Devices


Digital documents make it easier to create, access, and share records.

Digital formats enable easy access from anywhere with an internet connection.

5 Reasons for a RAMS Builder

Tailored to Specific Needs:
A custom-built RAMS builder can be designed to align precisely with the unique requirements and workflows of the business

Enhanced Communication:
A mobile RAMS builder facilitates seamless communication between field workers and the office, ensuring real-time updates and collaboration.

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Improved Reporting:
Custom-built RAMS builders enable efficient data collection and transmission, leading to more accurate and timely reporting from the field.

Streamlined Processes:
Businesses can streamline risk assessment and method statement processes with a tailored RAMS builder, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.

More On Why Use RAMS

Increased Productivity:
A mobile RAMS builder enables field workers to efficiently access relevant information and complete tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity.

What are RAMS?

RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement). It is a crucial document in health and safety management, completed by companies after conducting risk assessments.

Do Companies use RAMS?

RAMS are commonly utilised by companies and organisations in various industries to ensure workplace health and safety for their employees.

Why Employers use RAMS

Employers use RAMS to assess and manage risks associated with their employees’ tasks, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Who Would Use RAMS?


Workers refer to RAMS to understand the potential hazards related to their tasks and the safety measures to follow.

Contractors and Subcontractors:

These entities utilise RAMS to demonstrate their commitment to safety when bidding for projects or when implementing work on-site

Health and Safety Managers:

They oversee the creation and implementation of RAMS to ensure the safety of all personnel involved in the work activities.

Why are RAMS Important to Businesses?

Ensuring Safety:

RAMS help identify and mitigate risks in the workplace, reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries to employees.

Legal Compliance:

They help meet legal health and safety requirements, shielding businesses from fines.

Creating a Safe Environment:

RAMS contribute to creating a safe working environment, fostering employee well-being and productivity.

Efficient Operations:

RAMS help businesses operate more efficiently by identifying and addressing potential hazards and minimising disruptions caused by accidents or incidents.

When choosing our mobile digital RAMS Builder, please consider the advantages of accessibility and efficiency.

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Designed for You:
With our custom build option, we can design the RAMS to be user-friendly for all skill levels.

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Where Should RAMS be Used?

RAMS should be used in various industries and contexts where complex systems or processes need risk assessment and management. For example…

Engineering and Manufacturing:

RAMS are essential for ensuring the reliability, availability, and maintainability of machinery, equipment, and production processes.


In industries such as rail and aviation, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) help optimise asset management strategies to improve system availability and reliability.


RAMS is crucial in ensuring safety and efficiency on construction sites. It guides risk assessments and method statements for various tasks.


In the healthcare sector, RAMS enhance the reliability and availability of medical equipment and facilities, ensuring patient safety.