Property Asset Management Software

Track & Manage Building Assets.

The New Targets Property Asset Management software provides the ability to track and manage building assets simply; we’ve even developed a fast access route via QR codes.

Store vital equipment details against the asset, for instance, previous service details, maintenance manuals, manufacturer, model, serial, and warranty information, with full service history.

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Property Asset Software Features

Incorporate our property asset management software to help manage the complete maintenance program

  • Assign assets to buildings, rooms, and asset clusters. Plus, add all maintenance contracts and contacts. Build and manage a full history of all activity regarding an asset.
  • Upload pictures, PDFs and multiple attachments to the assets records.
  • Create Reactive and Planned jobs linked to specific assets.
  • Invoice for multiple asset jobs on a single invoice.
  • Create a series of planned maintenance jobs mapped on a calendar, which can be integrated into a google diary for ease of access.
  • SMS and email reminders can be included in to the system design ensuring you never miss a job!
  • Access to the system can be gained on any internet enabled device.
  • Contractor or Client portal can be incorporated in the design.

System Investment

Having your own system based on your processes is hugely beneficial! It means that the client only sees you becoming more effective, this could lead to more work, maybe more buildings, you become more valuable to your customers and reduce the risk of being replaced. It also means that your employees have a much shorter learning curve, and training is much easier!

So, whilst all of the functions and “bells and whistles” are interesting! What we really notice is that businesses that commit to this type of investment create headroom on cost!

In other words, you can do more work for less cost, therefore improving the bottom line!

Manage Assets at Locations, Simple! 

asset management software

SMS Reminders

Text reminders for upcoming or missed actions!

Document Storage

Documents backed up, available for easy access!

QR Codes

QR Codes for instant access to multiple Assets!