HVAC Software

HVAC companies need efficient software for seamless job management. Our system streamlines data, reducing office expenses and errors.

HVAC software can help improve your business by allowing engineers to visit more clients daily and reducing the need for multiple visits.

Job management systems can also help businesses become more efficient. As the cost of serving clients continues to rise, finding ways to maximise resources, increase productivity, and improve revenue streams to stay competitive is essential.

Simplify Operations:

HVAC businesses need effective tools to handle job orders smoothly. Our system centralises your data, reducing office expenses and errors. Managers gain insights into top clients and discover new profit opportunities with our customisable reports.

Job Scheduling:

A solid schedule is vital for maintenance tasks. New Targets’ HVAC software lets you set up maintenance plans easily and assign multiple jobs to technicians as quickly as needed. Technicians can add jobs from their mobile devices, simplifying the scheduling process.

User Friendly Job Management Software

Manage Assets:

Managers and technicians can track equipment like refrigerators or air conditioners to ensure they have the correct tools and parts on site. If you follow SFG20 standards or similar, we integrate your guidelines, so your team knows exactly the routine jobs to perform, ensuring your services meet industry standards.

Field worker using a digital RAMS builder

Prioritise Jobs:

When arranging tasks, ensure critical jobs are highlighted and set as non-negotiable so technicians recognise the tasks they must complete on site.

Equip Teams:

Arm your HVAC staff with complete site histories, equipment inventories, and standard forms in the field. They can access job updates for maintenance, repairs, or installations instantly through New Targets’ mobile app, cutting back on paperwork and accelerating billing.

Job Management for HVAC Businesses

HVAC Software & PPM Service Providers  

Key Objectives of any PPM Business using HVAC Software…

~ Keep service costs low and managed
~ HVAC software streamlines Field Operations
~ Quality instructions get the job done “right the first time!”
~ Invoice Completed work ASAP!
~ Outstanding Customer Service!

Field Service Maintenance teams can have a complete site history, equipment registers and Service Sheets when working in the field. The New Targets’ HVAC software allows Engineers to receive job updates for PPM maintenance, Service repair, or installation directly and in real time to a handheld device.

Industry Standards:

Ensure compliance by having technicians conduct safety inspections upon arrival and track refrigerant usage and gas safety records (Refcom). Plus, you can customise electronic forms to meet your specific business needs.

information enables good decisions in managing costs cuts

Track Equipment:

With New Targets’ HVAC software, create a site’s equipment list, assign tasks to each piece, and mark critical maintenance to ensure your asset stays in good condition.

Workman using custom software on a tablet

Reduce Admin:

Clients can approve quotes and access billing copies. They have a centralised location for all documents, including F-GAS records, gas safety certificates, and signed work forms.

HVAC Software Benefits

1. Complete more Jobs a day per Engineer
2. Reduction in multiple site visits – “right first time”
3. Full overview of the site – allows for efficiencies (combining job visits)
4. Completions in real-time – Customer Service updates
5. Reduction in the “cost to serve” (Fuel, labour, overheads)
6. Headroom – Office Staff can manage more customers – no incremental cost!
7. Staff retention – Training simply on a system
8. Faster Invoicing – Improvements in cash flow!
9. Security – Reduction in people leaving with your Client Info.
10. A leaner, more competitive company = More work!

Consolidated Data:
Everything is stored in one online system, enabling managers to swiftly review all current work and updates with a single click.

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