FM Services | Case Study

Job Management Software Tower BM provides a wide range of building management services both planned as well as reactive. Our team of highly qualified Engineers, deliver cost-effective solutions that are legislatively compliant and obey the industry best practice and standards guidelines. So, implementing any Job management system to complement and develop our service offering, needed to be right! We have … Read More

Working from Home Safety

With the mass upheaval created by the current pandemic, employees are now being asked to work in different circumstances, especially those that are working remotely, for example, “working from home”. It maybe not their normal place of work and therefore it may throw up some problems, particularly for those using laptops or home PCs. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to … Read More

Business Continuity

Business Continuity – Coronavirus Business Interruption! Wow! we certainly live in interesting times! If it’s not squabbling amongst ourselves over our European neighbours, it’s managing a pandemic from the Asian continent, and all with a stiff upper lip, and lots of toilet roll! We started creating our systems a few years ago now, and with every pitch to a prospective … Read More

White Van Man

“Number is up for White Van Man – the scourge of the road.” published by The Sunday Times on 18 May 1997. A term coined by the British press. Stats released by the Dept of Transport for miles traveled by Light Commercial Goods (LCG) in 2017 = 50.5 billion miles an increase of 67.4% in that 20 year period! A … Read More

Why Use FM Software

10 Reasons for using FM Software All of our FM Software systems are designed and build for our customers’ needs, NOT one size fits all! The 10 reasons listed below might not be your top 10! – That’s no problem, we are more than happy to create your own hit parade! Check out the Direct Company Savings of FM Software FM … Read More

Average Speed in London

In 1900 the average speed in London for a Horse-drawn vehicle, 8mph The average speed in London c1900 was 8mph. The average speed by a modern vehicle in London today is estimated at 7mph, not only that but with an expectation for a driver on average wasting 227 hrs a year stuck in traffic (That’s probably over £5k per operative … Read More

Instruction, Execution, Invoice & Collection

The Problem is Growth! If you want to take on more clients, do more work for the customers you have, even add more services your business can provide. Upscaling in people and more cost to achieve these things, is not only costly but can create a new range of other management problems, that can seem too hard! Doing more work … Read More

Business Software Solution

Small Business Software Solution Business Software Systems for Start-ups Businesses. A great time to create a Business Management solution is at the very beginning of your business. I would see this investment more valuable than the desks and chairs for the office, computers, the possible vehicles required when the work comes rolling in, even more, valuable than a new website … Read More

Why is Video becoming more popular online?

Website Video Explainer are great for making your audience understand in a simple way just what exactly you have to offer. We have also experienced Video Web Banners (check out this website) having a really good impact on visitors to a website, it captures their attention for about 10 seconds, which might not seem very long (we think this is the … Read More