Business Software for Small Business

Understanding business activities is essential before creating and developing a business software solution that adds real financial value.

We aim to create the most suitable system to help businesses improve cashflow, streamline operations, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Examples of where software can help…

Client Contact

Enter Jobs onto a System
Allocate to a Field Team
Work Planner View
Track Job Progress

Mobile Access

Access the System on Mobile Devices
RAMS Builder on Devices
Operatives Own Dashboard
Manage Information Access Levels

Remote Working

Working from Home or Remotely
Remote System Access
Access via WIFI Connection
On Internet-Enabled Devices

Bespoke Software Design

Consider these questions…

  1. Is your business performing at its best in all areas?
  2. Is there room for improvement in the business in terms of efficiency?
  3. Are your staff spending an excessive amount of time on routine tasks, time that could be better spent on customers?

Do you find yourself saying yes to the above?

  • Then, maybe you require software to automate repetitive tasks, freeing your team to concentrate on customers and sales.

Expanding your business to reach more clients can be challenging.

While hiring more staff might seem the logical solution, it can be expensive and lead to various other issues.

More Streamlined Activities…

Quote Manager

Cost Breakdown (Labour & Materials)
Email Quote Via System
Status Indicators & Reminders
Additional Document Uploads

Sub Contractors

Directory for Sub-Contractor
Contacts & Business Details
Sub-Contractors Assigned to Jobs
Documents Upload (RAMS)

Client Manager

Great Client Directory
Simple Search by ABC
Store Documents & Quotes
Google Maps Link for Address

Designing Business Software Systems

A company faces various costs in its day-to-day operations. Therefore, effectively handling and meeting customer demands at a cost in line with your pricing arrangements can greatly boost the company’s earnings.

The initial step to accomplish this is to identify the activities that are excessively costly in your processes. This is often the result of inadequate internal communication of the client’s requirements, followed by insufficient feedback regarding the invoicing requirements for the activity.

This is typically where good business software can add real financial value.

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