Job Tracking for Small Businesses & Mobile Workers

Are you still using traditional methods such as spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage your jobs? It might be time to upgrade to a more efficient and effective way to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. 

With the same number of employees, you can do more jobs each day. Plus, have a better insight into the progress of each job for your clients. Our job tracking system can enhance your field team’s daily job completions. 

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Why Use Job Tracking Software?

Job tracking software can enhance management efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of field service.

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Custom-designed software is much better than generic off-the-shelf solutions as it can cater to your business’s needs. It can streamline your operations and enhance overall performance by providing real-time job visibility, improved efficiency, and better customer communication. Every field service management company should consider investing in a custom-designed job tracking system, as it can provide a competitive edge.

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Job Tracking Advantages

Efficient job tracking is crucial for successful field service management in today’s fast-paced business environment. It enables businesses to manage a high volume of jobs and tasks seamlessly, resulting in improved efficiency, better customer communication, and increased job visibility.

Spreadsheets and whiteboards were useful in the past, but they are no longer adequate for today’s evolving demands. To remain competitive, businesses need to consider using a custom-designed job-tracking software solution instead of relying on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) options.

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Choosing Job Software 

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Owning a job tracking system offers various benefits. Our system enables multiple logins simultaneously, and all users can access job information anytime. Clients can also view updates and job statuses, add or update instructions, and provide order numbers or VOs. The system measures progress and job volumes, and job sheets are uploaded instantly upon completion for review by the office team.

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Job Tracking for the Tradesmen

Improved Job Visibility and Prioritisation

Not having a dedicated job management system can lead to difficulties keeping track of work orders, especially for prioritisation and fluctuating volumes. Manual job logging or using spreadsheets can limit operations and cause issues with sharing information, potentially leading to overlooked or missed jobs.

A custom-designed job tracking system addresses these challenges by providing a clear view of job statuses, facilitating efficient prioritisation, and ensuring that no job falls through the cracks.

Job Tracking for the Tradesmen

Streamlined Field Service Management

A custom-designed job tracking system enables easy addition of new jobs, calendar viewing, work prioritisation, and building job schedules. Electronic job sheets are created, reviewed, and stored on the system, streamlining field service management.

Additionally, businesses can efficiently manage field teams, assign work, and overall organisational tasks, all within the same system.

Job Tracking for the Tradesmen

Business Value and Customer Satisfaction

Understanding business processes before designing a job tracking system can increase jobs completed daily, meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Positive responses to customer requests create real business value, and knowing what adds value is essential for business success.

By embracing a custom-designed solution, businesses can tailor the system to suit their unique processes, ultimately delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction.