Job Management Software for Tradesmen

Job Management Software for Tradesmen:


Tradespeople today are often faced with many tasks and paperwork, making it seem like keeping up with schedules is a never-ending job. However, utilising job management software can be a game changer for managing risk assessments, planned and reactive jobs, clients, and estimates.

Tradesmen job management software available for all trades


At New Targets, we specialise in creating job management software tailored to the needs of tradesmen. Our software is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from one or two-person operations to those with multiple tradesmen on the road, responding to emergencies, or managing service calls.

Our job management systems are more than just tools; they offer a comprehensive solution for managing jobs, clients, costs, sales, estimates, and staff. They are suitable for various industries, including HVAC and Property Maintenance companies.

If you’re wondering how our Job Management Software for Tradesmen can benefit your business, here are some key points to consider.

Tradesmen JMS – Custom Software

New Targets aims to improve work efficiency, reduce mistakes, and align your team. Even if you’re unsure about integrating such a system, the benefits might persuade you to try it. Here’s how New Targets can assist your company:

  • Digital Paperwork on Handheld Devices
  • Office & Field Communication, anywhere
  • Job Tracking & Updates
  • Quotes & Estimates Designed for Your Company
  • Manage both Reactive & PPM Maintenance
  • Business Resilience – Pros & Cons
Clients Updates & Retention

Transparency is a crucial factor when building confidence with your clients. With regular updates, working with you again in the future will be easy for them; you become the contractor of choice. With New Targets’ CRM software, all the information about your client’s requirements is easy to access.

Provide Great Customer Service

Reactive work can wreak havoc on your daily schedule. We can design the scheduling software to ensure you can assign a field worker directly, along with all the necessary job instructions. It also helps maintain industry compliance, providing the correct job sheets for the task, including risk assessments.

Tracking and Prioritising Jobs

New Targets can design a calendar feature displaying the status of every job and how you want the information shown. If you’re a small team juggling various roles, this useful tracking feature can help you stay on top of scheduled jobs. Detailed reports can be designed if required.

Customise Your Quotes & Estimates

You can create quotes and estimates in line with your company’s branding. Your team can build on-site estimates with attached files and images. Progress tracking also means you’ll see delays in delivering the quoted work, for example, supply chain issues if you’re waiting for parts to arrive. Unsuccessful quotes or awaiting client acceptance are useful features for understanding how to develop your sales pipeline.

Is New Targets’ JMS Right for Your Business?

Sceptical or not, the need for efficient job management is undeniable. New Target’s JMS systems are cloud-based and accessible from any device, saving costs by eliminating traditional paper processes. Plus, you only pay for the features we design for you, with the ability to add more functions as the business grows and develops.

If you’re considering job management software to revamp your field service management, please consider the following options…

Tradesmen using Job Management Software on site

Checking the Job details on an iPad

COTS or Custom Design

When choosing the right Job Management Software (JMS) for your company, you need to understand the differences between Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and Custom Design solutions; it’s essential.

COTS options, known for rapid deployment and often more affordable upfront costs, cater to a wide range of businesses with standardised functionalities. Yet, they might lack the specialised features needed for your unique operations.

Example of a COTS Job Management System – FM Planner

Conversely, Custom Design solutions provide an opportunity to craft a JMS entirely attuned to your specific requirements and business procedures, ensuring complete integration with your existing workflows. While this path may require a more significant initial investment and extended development period, the long-term rewards can include enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

A detailed analysis of your company’s present and future necessities, financial considerations, and preferred level of customisation will steer you toward the most suitable decision between these two alternatives.

Job Management Software for Tradesmen could make all the difference in your business.

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