Job Management System Prices


From £25pm per person

Streamline Your Business

Managing several different business processes independently in a business is time & cost consuming! Office functions, Quoting, Job deployment & Work Planners, plus Vehicles, HR, Holiday Rotas, Timesheets, Accounting, Inventory, Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, and so on… Not to forget the Customers! Only increases internal overhead costs as you grow!

How Much Does Job Management Software Cost?

Option 1

From £25 month

Option 2

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Option 3

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Commercial Off The Shelf

Our Commercial-off-the-Shelf-Software (COTS) is a sign-up and start-using, professional “All-in-One” Management System with a FREE TRIAL.

FM Planner offers 2 plans packed with useful features from just £25 a month for planning work activities and managing office processes.

This system has an added advantage over most Commercial Off The Shelf Systems (COTS) because you can upgrade with your own processes and paperwork, unique to your business, allowing you to develop your business to the next level as your business grows

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Custom Software Prices can be unworkable for smaller businesses. Paying for what you don’t need isn’t useful or productive. So, we designed a solution that works!

Taking the FM Planner system (Option 1) as the core environment, we can then adapt your own paperwork and processes to make the system unique to your business and the way you wish to operate.

This could be a great introduction to a Business System that gives you the flexibility to develop over time with the things you need and want.

I would like to know more about a Design & Build System

Bespoke Software

Our Custom Software service is all about supporting SMEs & Small Businesses in designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software. We build with you! If you require your Office or Field paperwork & processes accessible online via computers or handheld devices, we can help.

Ranging from complete Business Systems to Job or Risk Assessment documents, Spreadsheets, Electronic Whiteboards with an active Work Planner the list goes on…

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