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Job Management Software Case Study


Tower BM offers a complete range of building services both PPM and Reactive maintenance. Our team of highly qualified Engineers, provide cost-effective solutions, is legislatively compliant and follows the industry’s best practice and standards guidelines. When implementing a  new Job management system to complement and develop our service routines, needed to be right! 

We have a demanding customer base that relies on the information we provide on completed jobs, as well as a world-class service delivery, to be right!


Customer Service

Our Customer Service Centre controls the flow of information and instructions to the field and clients. Integrating the Job Management System that would support the key and vital activities needed to focus on our customer’s requirements.

The overriding factor in implementing a New Targets Job Management Software was not priced (whilst it was a very important factor), it was the ability to design and have built a system just for us! A solution that as the business develops and grows over the coming years, we need the ability to make changes to the system, adding functionality in the way we work, not an off-the-peg solution that we have to mould our business around!

Ongoing Client Support

Support is Critical. Whilst it’s easy to buy most things these days! We identified the need to be able to work with a company that provides the same “Customer is King” attitude as we do with our clients.

In the round, the Job management software has proven to be one of the best strategic decisions we have made as a business, supporting our business ambitions, the Helpdesk team, as well as the Field Engineers!

We are now 5 years later, I’m happy to tell anyone interested, it was a great move for us. The job management system is at the centre of all we do, we also include access to our clients, as well.