Asset Management Guide to Cutting Costs

Asset Management & Smart Maintenance   Imagine if your machinery could tell you when it’s about to break down, allowing you to fix it before it causes a costly halt in your operations. That’s the essence of smart maintenance. A modern approach that uses technology to monitor, analyse, and manage the upkeep of your equipment. Instead of running on a … Read More

CAFM System Designed for Small Businesses

CAFM for Service Providers:   CAFM system; the acronym stands for “Computer-Aided Facility Management.” It’s a software system designed to help businesses manage their facilities, assets, and maintenance activities. Here’s a simple breakdown for business owners who might be considering a CAFM system to help manage their service delivery, and would like a non-techie overview: We start with – What … Read More

FM Services | Case Study

Job Management Software Case Study   Tower BM offers a complete range of building services both PPM and Reactive maintenance. Our team of highly qualified Engineers, provide cost-effective solutions, is legislatively compliant and follows the industry’s best practice and standards guidelines. When implementing a  new Job management system to complement and develop our service routines, needed to be right!  We … Read More

Why Use FM Software

10 Reasons for Using FM Software All of our FM Software systems are designed and built for our customers’ needs, NOT one size fits all! The 10 reasons listed below might not be your top 10! – That’s no problem, we are more than happy to create your own hit parade! FM Software Case Study Facilities Management Software for Small Business … Read More