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The best time to develop a Job Management solution is at the very beginning of your business. This sort of investment is more valuable than the desks and chairs for the office, computers, and the possible vehicles required when the work comes rolling in, even more, valuable than a new website announcing to the world you are open for business, and here’s why!

Do you need a business management solution?

The client information you enter into your business software system is GOLD! Keeping it fresh and relevant protects its long-term value. It also allows you to mine for more sales, and develop more services that customers will buy from you, for years to come!

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Exit Strategy

Developing the business software solution in line with the company’s growth ambitions can provide a wonderful tool for selling your company in the future. You might be surprised me mention the future sale of the business before it’s really begun, but as my old mentor used to state “You must know your way out – before you go wading in!”

Plan your Exit Strategy at the Beginning!

One Critical Hotspot

Question: Why is data collection so important to a business?

Answer: There’s a myriad of reasons why businesses need great data management – Here are some… Customer Service, Overhead Management, Sales Development, and Company Value (especially when selling the business).

Accepting for one minute the sales benefits from having well-managed data. One truism we have discovered from our customers over the years is overhead management…

1. Reduction of Office Administration personnel to manage client requests
2. Financial Headroom, the ability to do so much more work with current employees when growing your sales and operational activity!

Really investing time and money in your own bespoke CRM business system can provide a huge payoff. You decide how much functionality and complexity you require. You can always add and develop the system as the need and business grows. Plus, understanding what is pertinent to developing a business relationship as only you can, is vital. This all helps you focus on the customer’s wants and needs, with the correct level of detail. You’re not just doing a data dump to return at a later date to hope its added value?

Business Software Solution in an Established Business.

In my experience, we tend to find that once people get beyond the proof of concept in their business, the more forward-thinking individuals start to look at how processes and procedures can be improved upon. Develop the customer’s experience with the business, keep them loyal by serving them well, and look to expand the basket of products they currently supply. I see this as the challenge of every well run, ambitious business manager.

FM Software

We have also found good size companies running processes, procedures, sales, job scheduling, plus much more on a myriad of complicated spreadsheets. All is well and good, but spreadsheets don’t communicate, update or share very well.

These business software tactics run the company, usually with well-meaning gatekeepers restricting access of company information to colleagues, a closely guarded part of an individual’s power base within the business; I call this strategy “Islands of Excellence”

I don’t underestimate the power of these Islands and the committed individuals on guard.

However, the question remains for the business… is the biggest obstacle to company growth the sales challenges, or is it the means in which to manage the growth by spreadsheet?

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While these types of management strategies provide a good service for the current workflow of a business, in time they become unwieldy, unscaleable, and too person-centric!

Great businesses share skills, processes, and information, allowing the majority and not the minority to protect the business interests, long term.