Picks and Shovels

Picks and Shovels for Modern Businesses ~ The expression “picks and shovels” originated during the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century. The term is derived from the idea that while many prospectors sought fortune by mining for gold, the individuals who sold essential tools like picks and shovels to these miners consistently made profits regardless of whether the miners … Read More


Leadership in Challenging Times ~ Ernest Shackleton was a prominent British explorer best known for his expeditions to the Antarctic in the early 20th century. Many in the business world have studied and admired Shackleton’s leadership during times of extreme adversity. Here are some lessons modern businesses can draw from Shackleton’s exploits: Adaptability: Be ready to change plans when external … Read More

Sisyphean Tasks in Business

Sisyphean Tasks in Business ~ The myth of Sisyphus can be seen as a metaphor in the modern business context, especially when considering tasks, goals, the nature of work, and streamlining operations. Here’s how it could relate: Mythological Figure: Sisyphus was the King of Ephyra (now known as Corinth). Known For: He’s famously known for his punishment in the Greek … Read More

Buridan’s Donkey

Buridan’s Donkey & Businesses ~ Buridan’s Donkey, also known as Buridan’s Ass, is a philosophical paradox that illustrates the concept of rational decision-making. In this scenario: A Donkey is Equally Hungry and Thirsty. The Donkey is placed precisely midway between a stack of Hay and a Bucket of Water. The paradox arises from the assumption that the donkey will make … Read More