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Web Video on on a website creates as a shop window for companies to showcase their business, demonstrating the products & services they can offer their customers. Businesses are realising that the real trick to creating a bigger impact with higher customer engagement is with the use of a web video to showcase products & services, interesting promotional video, really works.

Now, your web video doesn’t need to be on the production scale of Ben Hur. Creating a web video can be done on a small budget, it’s fun, and you can share easily with your current customers, attract new business, or just explain a bit better, just what it is you do.

Adding Video Content to your Website

Traditionally business sales communications are usually built using text and images.

However, the way people are receiving information is rapidly evolving! For example, just 2% of visitors to a text and image based website will actually contact the business directly. That’s 98% of website visitors leaving without engaging with the business! And worst still if you’re paying money in advertising to drive traffic to your website, think of the financial waste, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Surveys have shown that by adding structured video content in your sales process things change.

1) 46% of website visitors will take some action after viewing video content.
2) 26% of these will look for more information about the subject of the video.
3) And 12% will go on to make an inquiry or a purchase relating to the ad.

Video improves client communication.

It allows you to convey more effectively the features and benefits of your products and services far better than the text and picture based alternatives. Which ultimately leads your company to more added value sales with more customers!

So to summarise:
Video engages your clients far better than text and images
It provides greater awareness of your business solutions & services
It results in more customers and therefore more sales
It’s great content to share on mobile devices – text can’t go viral!
And it can maximise your sales budgets leaving a huge reduction in advertising financial waste!

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Check Out some examples of businesses using Web Video in many different ways

Higher Engagement

Stay on Your Website, Longer… 

  • 2 Mins Longer with Web Video
  • Video Goes Viral, Websites Don’t!
  • More Sales with Web Video onsite!

Professional Quality

An Advert for your Business…

  • High Quality Production
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Share via Website, Email, Social

Social & SEO

Web video for Social Media Campaigns…

  • Audience Attention on Mobiles
  • Better than Text and Images.
  • Video can boost SEO on sites like You Tube.
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