Why is Video becoming more popular online?

Website Video Explainer are great for making your audience understand in a simple way just what exactly you have to offer. We have also experienced Video Web Banners (check out this website) having a really good impact on visitors to a website, it captures their attention for about 10 seconds, which might not seem very long (we think this is the optimum time so as not to hinder the loading of a site), but it’s enough to prick the interest, bookmarking the site, reading more about the business and even contact the company directly.

Q: Does your direct competition have a Video Web Banner or a Website Video?

Whatever the answer, you should act to either keep up with them marketing in a smart way or take the lead and get in first!

Remember: Traditionally websites are built using text and images but the world is changing, the way we receive information is evolving, and the future is Video Content.

Video Adverts: We love video ads on social media. Check out our YouTube channel for some ideas, we’d be happy to make some for you.

Interesting Stats – Only 2% of visitors to a website will actually contact the business directly. That’s 98% of website visitors leaving without interacting with the business. By contrast 46% of viewers will take some action after viewing video content. In fact 26% will look for more information about the subject of the video and 12% will go on to make an enquiry or purchase relating to the ad.

Or how about this? 8 out of 10 visitors will only read the headline text of a website, and only 2 will go on to read the rest! When your using video the statistic is reversed, 80% of website visitors will watch video content and will stay on the page 2 minutes longer. With most visitors leaving a web page before 8 seconds on traditional sites, that gives 10x more audience interaction.

Think! Whilst they’re on your site they’re not looking at your competitors.