Business Continuity

Business Continuity – Coronavirus Business Interruption!

Wow! we certainly live in interesting times! If it’s not squabbling amongst ourselves over our European neighbours, it’s managing a pandemic from the Asian continent, and all with a stiff upper lip, and lots of toilet roll!

We started creating our systems a few years ago now, and with every pitch to a prospective new client, we look at how best a unifying business system will best serve their business as part of that submission.

In my mind, the hardest part of any pitch is demonstrating true value to a new business. What we do know having managed the implementation of a number of our systems, once it’s implemented and running, nobody wants to go back to the old ways of coping!

Business continuity is always part of the pitch. If I’m honest one of the most undervalued elements of what we are looking to achieve when outlining the value our system will bring to the customer! Well – that’s going to change!

Feedback from our clients echoes how invaluable the business continuity aspects of their systems have been in providing business as usual approach to existing services for their client base, and those that need to work remotely.

How so…

Should any members of your team need to work remotely (e.g. through self-isolation or school closures) or should you decide to close your offices and switch to remote working, the system is able to provide an uninterrupted service, provided you have internet access

Our systems are designed with business continuity planning in mind (and now we have an amazing case study to demonstrate that point!). It ensures the business can operate using the system with your normal processes remotely with no interruption to normal service levels.

Our systems are cloud-based designed to operate effectively from anywhere with an internet connection. The Job Management Software can be used from a PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, any Handheld device; in fact, anywhere you can receive a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

Field Service Management Software designed for today’s business. We recognise that all businesses are different and as such work in different ways. We build for your business – and how you wish to supply goods or services to your Clients. Plus, how your Office and the Field Maintenance Teams come together in providing that service.

Having control of the workforce’s activity is critical! Two-way communication with the back office in the most efficient way saves time and money!

The only question on my mind is “what’s next, and are you ready?”


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