Text Messaging

Improve Customer Contact

  • Text Messaging is probably the greatest way to simultaneously send one or multiple messages to a group of contacts.
  • SMS communication (text messaging) can be integrated within your Business System to keep customers fully informed on the status of their work or orders.
  • SMS is great for sending the latest Promotions and Offers to your client base.

SMS Advantages

Text Messaging can work really well in your Business Software

  1. Over 90% of Adults keep their phones close to hand
  2. Over 95% of Text messages are opened within 4 minutes!
  3. Interestingly 19% click on links in the SMS messages verses 4.2% in email links.
  4. Over 50% of consumers consider opting in to a loyalty program sent by SMS
  5. Amazingly! Over 65% of people in the UK suffer from Nomophobia (fear of being without your phone)
  • Real-time interaction
  • Keeps customers informed
  • Reduce your business costs (cost of aborted visits)
  • Streamline your business (no missed appointments)
  • Much higher delivery rates than emails
  • Important information will be read more quickly
  • Read by customers within seconds
  • More engaging than an email

Contact us on how this Text Messaging can work in your business system to support your communications.

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