Benefit from Reflexology

| Who Can Benefit from Reflexology |

Reflexology is an alternative therapy that many people can benefit from. Whether it is to help establish a health diagnosis, aid recovery in the body, or simply to relax and maintain wellbeing, this ancient Eastern healing practice is very much used in the West today.

So, who can benefit from Reflexology? A simple list…

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy there are obviously many changes going on within the body, but by the second or third trimester, Reflexology can be used to help support the woman during her pregnancy, easing unpleasant symptoms. It is also a wonderful way to relax the mind and body, and is a wonderful anti-dote to daily physical and mental stress.

People with Digestive Issues

Digestive issues seem to be common among adults, be it constipation, IBS, food intolerance, or other. Reflexology is useful for aiding digestion and helping ease bloating, cramps and pain.


Those who suffer regularly with insomnia can be helped greatly by reflexology. Stress in general can lead to more severe anxiety, which can then lead to troubling insomnia, and regular reflexology treatment is something that can help the body with the root cause of dealing with stress and undertaking deep relaxation.

Reflexology for Colds and Flu

Reflexology not only aids easy breathing and a clearer head, it can also effectively boost the immune system and help prevent colds and flu when they are doing the rounds. This benefit on the immune system will not only help the individual ward off seasonal bugs, but will have an overall impact on their health and well being as a whole.

Those who are young or old, sick or fit can all benefit from Reflexology treatment.

So, who can benefit from reflexology? Well the list goes on… in my mind a practice that has survived for hundreds of years is certainly worth investigating.