Video Content – did you know?

Website & Video Content – Did you know?

Studies have shown that using traditional text and pictures on your website means that just 8 out of 10 visitors will only read the headline text of your article, with only 2 will going on to read the rest of the information!

However, there is some good news…

When you use video content on your website the statistic can be reversed! 80% of website visitors will watch video content on a website and as a result will stay on the page 2 minutes longer.

With most visitors leaving a text and picture webpage before 10 seconds, the use of well made video content provides you with 10 times more audience interaction. With a much greater possibility that they will buy from you, save you to favorites or even share you.

An additional bonus in having a video on your website is that…

…Whilst you have them on your website watching your video, they’re not looking or buying with your competitors!