If your business stopped selling!

You probably wouldn’t stay open for very long!

Selling is a activity that every business needs to do. Goods and services must be sold at a profit in order for the business to exist and grow. Put simply and whilst obvious, if nobody bought dinner at the restaurant in the high street, it would most likely close fairly quickly. Likewise, if no one bought the merchandise a factory produced, its days would be numbered in the same way.

Selling is part of a Marketing Function.

Successful businesses understand their customer’s needs and then react. Great selling is an action; it goes way beyond order taking or Customer Service, although these are important functions in a well organised company.

Never give up trying to understand your customers’ wants and needs, and remember it’s important to take action on whatever you discover.

Not surprisingly, companies that keep refining key selling messages and producing material in order to generate greater awareness about their products and services, get up to nine times better results, than simply doing nothing!

Here’s the “Watch out!”

Never assume you know everything about your customers. Although your business will have a good idea of what your customers might need from you.

A simple tip is to use historical purchase data, it’s normally a good indication of what products and services they are likely to buy from you in the future.

Here’s a crazy idea! Ask them on a regular basis what else can we do for you?

In the past I have been able to add value to a customers buying experience by adding another service that was being supplied by a competitor, it was easy for us to do and they much preferred doing business with our company, so everyone benefits! Well apart from the competitor – so, don’t be that Guy!

Continuously communicating with your customers is vital

Most industries have particular buying patterns inline with their high and low seasons, and because timing is everything, delivering the right message at the right time can greatly improve your chances of success.

Methods of communication

Experience shows its not just about creating the right message; it needs to be delivered in the right way. A word to the wise, don’t fall into the trap of just relying on email. If by doing some research on your clients you find they respond better to phone calls, meetings or direct mail, then you need to communicate with them in the manor that suits them best.


Remember, if you only have a Hammer…      …You see everything as a Nail!