What are QR Codes?

We use QR codes on our Maintenance Systems. They are basically  3D bar codes, and work in very much the same way. However, we have adapted them to gain entry to our maintenance systems, directly to the information you require instantly, by just scanning!.

You scan the code with your mobile phone or phone app, to then be taken to either a web page or a video about a business, special offer, or maybe a newsletter sign up?

QR codes are used in the following ways…

For example; requesting vouchers for your upcoming promotion, maybe a newsletter or a chance to book an appointment or time slot. they are even used on airlines for booking and registration.

How do you use them?

At New Targets we build multi coloured QR codes, or the plain black type if you wish. The codes can be printed on to sticker for you to place on any item you wish to circulate. You can get really inventive in promoting your business with these; place on t-shirts and work wear, stickers on vehicles, business cards, hire equipment, the list goes on….

Other examples:

  • Menus
  • Flyers
  • Shop windows
  • Takeaway food boxes
  • Receipts
  • Goods
  • Letters

Anything that a customer can take with them works well!

Always being in your customers’ thoughts when they need the service or products you provide is always challenging!

QR codes are an inexpensive way of getting your name and website onto potential customers mobile phone!

You never know, they may even save you to favourites!