Database Software

Great Business Software choose our “ready to go” SME System. Otherwise, we can designed for you & your Business.

Management Software

Management software for businesses that rely on spreadsheet management.  We have created a wide range useful software for business options, that help support Sales, Operations & Office. Our key objective in creating any sort of system is to keep it simple, user friendly for all abilities. We are happy to demonstrate our management software that may be of interest to your business, just call to arrange a trip to your place of work.

Check out the management software we designed for people running a Reflexology business. We’ve include automatic emails, text messaging, integrated Google Maps & the Google Calendar, plus much more…

Management software is made for companies to replace Whiteboards, Excel Sheets, Outlook and Filing Cabinets. we can demonstrate how different life can be when managing people, customers, product sales and service delivery. We have developed a fantastic management software solution at an affordable price!

SME System

The New Targets SME System has been designed for all sorts of businesses. It is a web based Management System. Manage clients, quotes, meetings, inventory, a repository for equipment documentation, a facility for maintaining compliance documents and an essential tool for understanding your clients spending routines.

The SME system, is accessible from mobile devices or desktop PCs, provides an integrated approach to Business & Client management, and is designed to reduce maintenance costs, increase response times and help ensure compliance and safety requirements.

The SME software allows the business to schedule planned activities to ensure great and timely service to customers.

The SME software web app can be use from a PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tabloid; in fact anywhere you can receive a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. We have some excellent features to the help manage tasks and service providers.

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Smart Dashboard

 “At a Glance” Information…

  • Automatically Display Key Data
  • Design your own Dashboard
  • Individual Dashboards & Reminders

System Calendar

Google Calendar Integration…

  • Great on mobile devices!
  • Show Item on Google Calendar
  • Dates, Tasks, Events, Reminders

Key Date Function

Never miss a Key Date…

  • Remind you of Upcoming Events
  • Set Email Reminders
  • Great Customer Service


Quote Manager for Pricing…

  • Price New Work
  • Check on Quote Progress
  • Sales Funnel, Won, Lost or Pending.

Client Folders

Create and Name Client Folders…

  • Store Photos, PDFs, Spreadsheets,
  • Quotations, Surveys, Service Provider Details,
  • Job Sheets, Contact Details, Invoices, and Much More!

Security & Backups

Databases with Data Backup…

  • System up time is reported at 99.5%
  • 24/7 Access with Internet Connection
  • Data Recovery and Safeguards
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