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Internet Marketing – Web SEO

In the past a greater importance was placed on promoting our businesses in hard copy publications. For example, Local Newspaper ads, Directory publications and Leaflet distribution. Whilst these tactics are still relevant, another option to reach people has over the past 10 years made a great impact on the way we buy and research before committing to the spend, the internet!

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing simply means any type of advertising or marketing on the internet. Internet marketing is a collective phrase for promotions using emails, social media posts, paid for ads on search engines, and much more.

Companies of all sizes are changing their focus from the traditional television, radio and newspaper ads to the Internet, in part due to the user demographics are getting younger. Internet marketing allows for much larger reach, with more relevant content to a defined audience for less money.

In many regards Internet marketing has levelled the playing field for smaller businesses, even with a modest budget, companies are able to get creative and connect with new customers and prospects.

So, if an online shopper is considering a purchase make sure you are in their thoughts – become top of mind!

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Internet Marketing – For All Businesses

Why is Online Marketing Important?

There is a wide range of consumers waiting to discover your services or products. Feedback is the key to using data analysis and understanding the impact. After all, traditional printed Ads, Flyers & Posters provide nothing, it’s just intuitive marketing.

The nett result of using online marketing, less wasted money and a higher ROI (Return on Investment).

Online marketing approaches can vary, this is largely due to the type of business and ultimate aim of the activity you wish to undertake. So, something as simple as awareness of a product for the next time you have a choice to make. For example; who would have thought that Coca Cola would have the need to advertise their products? Nevertheless they do, the approach would be different from a plumber looking for more clients and I suspect they have a larger budget, but they know when you’re thirsty and you go to buy a drink you will be faced with choices, they want to make sure you choose their product.

In short, it doesn’t matter about company size or budget, online marketing provides a valuable way for businesses to connect with relevant customers for less money, no matter how big you are.

What are you doing to promote your business?

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