Google Maps & Calendar

The Google Options

We liked the idea of adding a map to an address that you enter into one of our business systems. This function adds all sorts of business advantages. For instance, you may need a route planner, or maybe a visual of the destination address?

  • Google Maps has some great functionality and is a web based mapping service. Its functions offers satellite imaging, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, route planning and much more!
  • It just made sense to include this option, plus, the Check-in and Check-out function as well as the Lone Worker function works great with Maps.

Google Business System Features

Google Calendar can be integrated into a Business System

Our business systems incorporate a calendar function that allows the super users to create and edit events, add jobs & tasks as required by clients. Also, email reminders can be enabled to help keep everyone on time. We designed different access privileges, so depending on your access rights, your calendar will show information, events, meetings, tasks, that are just for you!

We also realised that two elements of our design may create awkwardness for some users, so we looked at how to create a solution!

  • Firstly, we recognised that our calendar was part of the business system and therefore those working out of the office would need to login each time for simple information or updates.
  • Secondly, some might like to have an integrated calendar for work and social engagements.
  • So, we decided to provide options in the form of Google Calendar. By integrating your system calendar with the Google calendar, whatever you enter information into the business system and it will appear on your Google version for simplification and ease of access.

Email Reminders

Linked with your Calendar – Never Forget!

Check-In & Out

Track your Service Delivery & Time on Site!

Lone Worker

Man Down! Provide Support – Duty of Care!