Database Design

Create Your Own Database System  

Design is not just a nice to have; it can serve as a real positive marketing & promotional aid. Including a client portal within your business system can establish a sense of trust as well as providing an open book management style that demonstrates the real professionalism of your organisation.

Remember the old saying “rubbish in, rubbish out!” when we look at how the system will support those looking to serve customers, and how the communication of your endeavours are transmitted, making sure that the operational information is solid, is paramount.

Reports that are essential to your business can be generated so that you can sense check your completion, either before firing off an email to say you’re done or worse generating an invoice for payment. When many people interact with the input of information, having good checks in place is essential.

The Three Ds…

  1. Design the system and how it supports the processes in your business
  2. Design of the reporting tools to enable the best service and feedback to your customers
  3. Design of the “Look & Feel” – Company colours, Logos ect…

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Text Updates

A Great Communication Tool – Automate Option!

Mobile Access

Access by Smartphone or Tablet – Greater Control!

Client Portal

Build Trust, Great Communication & Scale!