Client Portal

| Client Portal |

A portal means… a gate, a door, or an entrance. And used in the context of the internet it can be a wonderful tool when coupled with your system to update your customers and employees in sharing information, instructions or maybe data. You can design access rights so that you can control who sees what and maybe when! The Client Portal can be opened anywhere that has an internet signal, and with any device that is internet enabled.

Our system can be created for the personalisation of workflow, notification, knowledge management and infrastructure functionality, as well as the integration of information and applications.

The idea of a client portal is to collect information from lots of different sources from the service you provide and then create a single point of access, as well as storage of this information, a database if you like.

The New Targets‘ client portals we created in the various systems we build are simply data collection points that are made expressly for our customers requirements, in design as well as look and feel, with their own specified functionality and access rights.

With every system we design with our clients they decide how best to build the functionality required, this of course is based on how the business systems in their own business manages the information required.

The definitive advantage of using a business system we’ll built with you, is that we design to your methods of business, the activities, operations and office functions, you don’t have to adapt to ours!

If you would like to understand more about our systems we would be only to happy to arrange a demonstration of a working business system.

Always feel free to get in touch!