What are Client Portals?

Benefits to Company & Clients

Well, simply put, a client portal is a gateway to a group of digital files, service updates and important information, made available to a client with a login via an internet web browser.

A very common use is as a sharing mechanism between a company or organisation and its clients or customers. We see them used every day by Banks for internet banking services for its customers.

Client Portals Features

Client Portals Provide a Safe Entry Point to a Company’s Business System

  • Likewise, our client portals provide a secure entry point onto your business system, either via your company’s website or by the webpage designed and built by New Targets.
  • The function allows customers to log into a safe area where they can view, download, and upload information, depending on the access privileges.
  • Our client portals are commonly used for the secure transfer of business information, as well as updates of work and completion information, usually when teams are working remotely.
  • Other benefits of client portals can be compared to email attachments as a form of data transfer. Portals are able to offer increased file size limits as well as the self-managed access to a company’s business system, instant updates in real time, fully automated.
  • Security is important when using client portals to assist clients’ access to valuable data without going to the trouble of calling the business. That’s why we use the security feature 256 bit SSL encryption, on all of our builds.
  • Open book management between company and clients is increasingly common, by incorporating a client portal into your system you provide timely updates, with the minimum of effort and cost.

Business Systems

Creates Value, Saves Time, Makes you Better!

Data Management

Manage Access & User Rights to Company Data

Upload & Download

Upload or Download Information – Read Only!