Landlords – It’s not Sage or QuickBooks!

A Landlords Database System

Launching the website is a significant move in our planning for the future development of our business.

We decided that we wanted to provide a system to Landlords and Buy-to-Let owners. We also realised that it must be simple to use as well as helpful when doing some basic sums for the taxman. We didn’t want to create another Sage or QuickBooks, but something that can help social Landlords track the vital components of their investment, for instance, tenants personal details, key dates like rent, planned repairs or improvements. Track & capture the cost of these activities and store the data in a system with hard copies to be photographed or scanned. Next, track the rent paid each month by the tenant. Click one button and the copies you have stored, plus a completed income statement can be downloaded for your accountant or the Taxman.

A Free copy of this system is available for you to use, so help yourself

We would like to continue with improvements to the system, so your feedback is most welcome.