The Asset Maintenance System

| The Asset System |

The New Targets’ Asset system features have been designed to help you manage your buildings maintenance contracts, and service your customers assets.

The Asset system allows the user to create an infrastructure layout

  • Add building(s)
  • Add floors
  • Add rooms to each of the floors
  • Insert Hallways & Corridors
  • Stairways
  • Car Parks
  • Out Buildings
  • And much more…

Once you have constructed the lay out of the building it is now possible to add the items you wish to monitor in the asset system

  • Items or assets added to each room or area.
  • Create tasks requests for each item (service, update, review ect…)
  • Documentation saved to each Items – easy to access
  • Set Reminders for you and your service providers (Service & Maintenance)
  • Assign Managers or Service Provider
  • Take and save Photographs
  • Create Reports
  • QR Codes access
  • And more…

A Dashboard affords you access to any “at a glance” information that you wish to view in your database. One Click access to your H&S Policies, Reports & Guidance

You also have the option to store… Rooms | Assets | Tasks | Uploads – different folder types allow you to drill down to specific information really quickly.

Now that you have your building complete with floors, corridors, rooms and outside spaces, it is time to maintain them!

Create on the scheduler…

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Project Tasks
  • Audit Activity
  • And more…

These tasks can be allocated internally

  • Property Managers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Service Providers
  • And more…

All task allocation can be entered into a reminder function, so you receive notification of when the task is due to be complete, and then when it is completed. All documentation is stored against the asset creating a complete service and expenditure history of any one item asset.

An excellent addition to the asset system functionality is the use of an audit tool. We have designed the system to function well with safetyculture | iauditor/