White Van Man

“Number is up for White Van Man – the scourge of the road.” published by The Sunday Times on 18 May 1997. A term coined by the British press.

Stats released by the Dept of Transport for miles traveled by Light Commercial Goods (LCG) in 2017 = 50.5 billion miles an increase of 67.4% in that 20 year period!

A Common Expensive Problem!

So, dealing with ever increasingly busy roads has a huge impact on your maximum efficiency when deploying an external workforce. When we talk to businesses regarding Field Service Management Software, generally the biggest potential area of real cash savings is in the field service. Without a doubt, it is the most problematic aspect of providing world-class service to customers, and the less control you have in this area, the more money you hemorrhage. Profits can be easily eroded by multiple visits, incomplete jobs, traffic conditions, reshuffled jobs to suit operatives’ finishing times, and so on.


The faster you can complete a job, the faster you can invoice for payment, simple! Paperwork is key to this process smart, fast and first time! Having unintelligible job sheets unavailable to the office for days, only to have a number of office/operative follow up phone calls to establish the content, before either informing the customer of the details and /or the accounts dept to invoice, has all sorts of lost cash implications.

Utilising electronic worksheets that have to be completed in full before the next job is issued, received by the office onto the system in the blink of an eye, priceless!

Remember; you only get paid for what you do! The more clumsy the process, the more it costs you!

Many of our clients provide a planned maintenance service, they want to be in charge of the walking order, in other words creating a list of jobs in the shortest journey time but have the power to amend when an emergency crops up. They want to see at a click of a button how best their entire workforce is deployed, in the field. If changes need to be made make them and re-task as required, again with a button press.

Controlling Field Work Productivity

Having control of the field activity is critical! Communicating with the back office updates and completions just adds to the cost savings and the efficiency of a business. A great scenario is that the office is talking to your customers with solutions and real-time updates, looking at how else they can be of service, rather than trying to track down the operative managing the job to then feedback to the client!

View from the van.

Receiving the service task with complete details of actions required avoids repetitive visits, it helps the operative improve his/her efficiency and productivity, added to which a paperless approach helps health & safety compliances by ensuring your workforce’s visibility with Lone worker features and notifications.

How can we help?

We have managed with our clients a number of smart solutions to help maximise profits when it comes to creating an operational software solution. We expect the cost of our service to be more than paid for by the money saved in improved efficiencies.