Instruction, Execution, Invoice & Collection

The Problem is Growth!

If you want to take on more clients, do more work for the customers you have, even add more services your business can provide. Upscaling in people and more cost to achieve these things, is not only costly but can create a new range of other management problems, that can seem too hard!

Doing more work with less or minimal cost is a great way to grow your bottom line!

The Burning Question is how?

A simple way is to speed up your business processes – getting more from what you have in place at the moment, but with some tweaks.

We have found by adding a software system designed to improve the velocity of a job through your business, from Instruction to Execution and then onto Invoice & Collection, is a game-changer.

Include automated confirmations on completed work, and you’re really cooking. Cost reduction and faster invoicing, cashflow improvements, all great value, and much needed to any business!

We’ve been working with a range of different business owners over the past few years that all shared the same common challenges… Growth, Staff both Office and those providing Field Services, unreasonable customer expectations, and a demand for information.

I say unreasonable customer expectations because we hear all the time that customers sit on job instructions, and then panic to get started and completed with no consideration to your workflow, and when it comes to payment, they seem to lose that demanding energy to pay to terms!

The customer demands on a business can create huge internal stress, as well as impacting on performance and communication. A business often spend a vast amount of time talking to itself and not focusing on the task in hand!

This type of behavior in a business, no matter how well-intentioned only consumes cost and is destructive to the team morale, a feeling of working harder and harder and not getting anywhere with no end in sight!

By employing a simple to use Job Software System designed for your business the problems identified above will change!

  • Improve efficiency, taking over routine activities from individuals that are desperate to maintain their grasp on actions, creating for them a comforting feeling of being indispensable, whilst inadvertently forming a width restriction for the rest of the business.
  • Where possible reduce the risk of errors by reducing human involvement from routine manual tasks, job sheet management is a good example.
  • Cut costs in office materials by reducing paperwork and manual administration.
  • Provide clients up‐to‐date information on their work managed by your business, simply by creating a range of automated feedback processes.
  • A well-designed job management software system can increase employee productivity greatly. Which could mean your staff will be able to do more of what makes your company successful, without increasing your payroll.

When it comes down to it the customer or said another way the nature of the customer, after all, that’s not going to change too soon.

Remember, the faster you can take instruction and turn that into an invoice for payment, the fitter and more agile you become for growth.

It’s within your gift to make it bigger and better!