Average Speed in London

In 1900 the average speed in London for a Horse-drawn vehicle, 8mph

The average speed in London c1900 was 8mph. The average speed by a modern vehicle in London today is estimated at 7mph, not only that but with an expectation for a driver on average wasting 227 hrs a year stuck in traffic (That’s probably over £5k per operative every year)! – Who pays for that time?

Collecting information via the written job sheet returned to the office is becoming far too slow! It also leaves you behind the curve if upon review by the Ops Manager a problem could have been resolved when “Jonny was on the spot”! It’s now another visit to the site!  Even trying to collect information over the phone is far to labour intensive. Plus, it creates lots of internal pressure for the business, customers wanting all sorts of details…

For example…

  • Customers wanting completion information
  • Maybe a copy of the job sheet with legible details
  • Has everything been completed on the sheet
  • Do we need to quote for additional work
  • Do we need to order parts and what are they

And so on..

Working with the business, we have found by building our Field Service Management Software system designed to the needs of that industry, business, focusing on the people looking to deliver a great service we improved the velocity of a job through the business, from Instruction to Execution and then onto Invoice & Collection, we added value, a game-changer, handing the control of the business to the right people.

Speeding up to completing more work with less or minimal cost increase is a great way to grow your bottom line, as well as outshine the competition!

Always happy to talk about how we have achieved added value with all sorts of businesses.

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