Benefit from Reflexology

| Who Can Benefit from Reflexology | Reflexology is an alternative therapy that many people can benefit from. Whether it is to help establish a health diagnosis, aid recovery in the body, or simply to relax and maintain wellbeing, this ancient Eastern healing practice is very much used in the West today. So, who can benefit from Reflexology? A simple … Read More

What is Reflexology

| What is Reflexology? | A Reflexologist will apply finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the hands and feet, referred to as reflex points, in order to support the healing process of an individual. Reflexology is essentially an alternative therapy which uses specific points in the soles of the feet, that correspond to the organs in the body, … Read More

Reflexology Software

| Reflexology Software | My wife Anni is a reflexologist. She asked me to create an online system that she can use from her laptop, mobile phone, her iPad; in fact anywhere she could get a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Free Trial Offer The idea being that all of the paperwork could be stored electronically, notes of a treatment made … Read More