iownproperty system | Press Release

Life just got easier for Buy-to-Let Landlords A new property management system has been launched to help make life easier and more profitable for BTL landlords. iownproperty, developed by New Targets, aims to ensure landlords and property agents can reduce the cost of managing properties and increase revenues. With a free option and fully working website demo, the iownproperty system … Read More

Landlords – It’s not Sage or QuickBooks!

A Landlords Database System Launching the website is a significant move in our planning for the future development of our business. We decided that we wanted to provide a system to Landlords and Buy-to-Let owners. We also realised that it must be simple to use as well as helpful when doing some basic sums for the taxman. We didn’t want … Read More

Client Portal

| Client Portal | A portal means… a gate, a door, or an entrance. And used in the context of the internet it can be a wonderful tool when coupled with your system to update your customers and employees in sharing information, instructions or maybe data. You can design access rights so that you can control who sees what and maybe when! … Read More

Sales Plan

A Business Sales Plan Do I have a sales Plan? Well, by virtue of the fact that you are encouraging people to spend money on the service or products you provide means you have a sales plan of sorts, even if it’s not a ring bound document that you can lovingly caress every night before sleep! Interacting with the outside … Read More

If your business stopped selling!

You probably wouldn’t stay open for very long! Selling is a activity that every business needs to do. Goods and services must be sold at a profit in order for the business to exist and grow. Put simply and whilst obvious, if nobody bought dinner at the restaurant in the high street, it would most likely close fairly quickly. Likewise, … Read More

Video Content – did you know?

Website & Video Content – Did you know? Studies have shown that using traditional text and pictures on your website means that just 8 out of 10 visitors will only read the headline text of your article, with only 2 will going on to read the rest of the information! However, there is some good news… When you use video … Read More

Mobile Device & Video Production

Mobile Device & Video Production At New Targets we would like to share some interesting facts about the habits people have fallen into when using a mobile device to search the internet. So… At the end of 2013 over 53% of mobile device traffic consisted of users watching video! And by the end of 2015 global smartphone was set to … Read More

What are QR Codes?

We use QR codes on our Maintenance Systems. They are basically  3D bar codes, and work in very much the same way. However, we have adapted them to gain entry to our maintenance systems, directly to the information you require instantly, by just scanning!. You scan the code with your mobile phone or phone app, to then be taken to either a … Read More